Monday, July 9, 2007

July 6th - Electric Sheep Company's Starfruit Launch with DJ Doubledown (Updated)

Celebrate the launch of Starfruit on July 6th!

I can’t wait! I’m going to do 4 very different styles of music for each event:
11:00 AM SLT - Deep Electro & Smooth Tech House
04:00 PM SLT - Brazilian Nujazz & Latin House
05:00 PM SLT - East Coast Flavor Funky Beats
08:00 PM SLT - West Coast Flavor Deep House

Thank you TheDiva Rockin for getting me the show!

From The Counting Sheep Blog
Come party around the clock and across the globe for the launch of Starfruit in Second Life! We’ll be celebrating on the third floor of the tower where DJ Doubledown Tandino will be spinning a live mix of house and eclectic music. There will be a raffle for great prizes (including L$1,000!) as well as free goodies for everyone! The tower at Starfruit isn’t just an amazing building, it’s a place where you can make a statement, literally. The tower scrolls text messages and animations that residents send in through SL or from their cell phones. That’s right, you can see what people all over the grid are thinking and talking about! So grab your dancing shoes, your cell phone, and head to Starfruit for a can’t-miss celebration.

Check out any one or all four of the parties on July 6th!

Berlin - 11:00 AM SLT (8:00 PM Berlin)
Brazil - 4:00 PM SLT (8:00 PM Brasilia)
New York - 5:00 PM SLT (8:00 PM New York)
Los Angeles - 8:00 PM SLT (8:00 PM Los Angeles)

"DJ Doubledown Tandino, one of the more popular Mixed Reality wizzards." -Veejay Burns

More at Second Life Spain

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