Wednesday, July 25, 2007

DJ Doubledown - Upcoming July/August Shows

Friday July 27th - 11am-1pm
Second Sweden Event with Johan Howard & Linn Lisle

Saturday July 28th - 4pm-6pm
Relay For Life

Sunday July 29 - 1pm-4pm
AMD Event with Metaversatility

Monday July 30 - 6pm-8pm
MSGiro's Birthday Party at Playboy

Tuesday July 31st - 6pm-10pm
PLAYBOY: DeepSexyCool Presents: Culturebeats:
Art Show with the Oyster Bay Gallery

Thursday Aug 2nd -
Starfruit Event with Electric Sheep Company

Friday Aug 3rd - 5pm-9pm
TheDiva Rockin bday
7pm-9pm - Doubledown Tandino

Aug 4th - Summer of Love event
11am-12pm - Doubledown Tandino

Aug 7th - 6pm-10pm
Doubledown Tandino 6p-7pm
Moshang Zhao - 7p-8pm
Dexter Ihnen - 8pm-10pm

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