Thursday, July 12, 2007

Grid World News gives Props to Doubledown - "So You Think You Can DJ? Try a Doubledown"

Posted: July 1, 2007 at 9:04 pm
Jeff Saporito, aka Gore Nesterov of Grid World News

So You Think You Can DJ? Try a Doubledown
Local superstar DJ Doubledown reveals the secrets to his mixing success

How does one describe Linden’s vast and varied music scene? To put it simply, music is everywhere.

From dance clubs to music festivals, the world has always served as a venue for the arts in all its forms, and music is at the forefront. One man who recognized this fact the moment he first crawled from the Linden womb is Doubledown Tandino.

Doubledown is a music composer, mixer, producer, promoter, and performer. His goal, in his own words is to be, “…totally engrossed with the music scene in all forms of collaborative aspects.” It’s been his mission for over a year.

Doubledown has become one of the premier DJs in the Grid, and can be found playing tunes all over the world. His sounds range in genre from hardcore liquid-funk at rave clubs to comfy soft jazz at corporate events. Doubledown says that understanding, embracing, and appreciating all forms of music and its application in people’s lives are essential qualities in becoming a respected DJ. “My focus really isn’t a specific focus at all,” states the superstar DJ. “I try to touch on all aspects of music and events.” That mentality is what has driven him to the top–along with his dedication, creativity, and passion for the music.

Doubledown’s power isn’t just about taking DJing to a higher level. In addition to traditional mixing, Doubledown is a skilled marketer and event planner, and can organize and maintain all aspects of any event type.

“I think people dig my sounds because I have a huge passion for the music I think is good. And when I DJ live, people hear it. I play a lot, people see me, and they hear my style. I make myself found at all kinds of events, but especially ones that focus on the music more than just have music.”

DJing live and being open with the audience is what Doubledown says is the key to his success. He plays shows at all types of venues. He showcases his original music at festivals and exhibitions. He lets people know where they can find his music, his biography, and any information they may want about him. Essentially, it’s the “out there” factor that he projects that makes him approachable and sets him apart.

Come hear Doubledown spin some tunes at a special live event on July 5th from 11:30am-1pm at The Clock Tower in Saria.

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