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Announcing SECONDSTOCK Music Festival, October 24-26, 2008 in Second Life

The SECONDSTOCK MUSIC FESTIVAL is a re-creation of the original Woodstock held in 1969 in upstate New York. Coming OCTOBER 24-26 to Second Life on the Secondstock Sim with over 40 Secondlife musicians, psychedelic vendors, and amazing realism in a fun replication of this era in American history.


“SECONDSTOCK” Music Festival!! 40+ Performers and 3 Days of Peace and Music October 24-26 in Second Life

SECONDSTOCK, September 10, 2008 – Many of the top music performers in Second Life will join emerging stars for the First SECONDSTOCK music festival coming the last weekend of October 24-26, 2008. Located on the new Secondstock SIM in Second Life, the site is being transformed into a full region festival playground for those who love to rock and always wished they could have attended the original Woodstock in 1969.

Woodstock…it was the Age of Aquarius…a three day gathering of the greatest musicians of the era performing for 300,000 people on the rolling hills of Max Yasgur's farm in upstate New York. Journey back to a time of Vietnam War protest music, acid rock, hippies, psychedelically painted school buses, and a music festival called Woodstock – 3 Days of Peace and Music.

Experience a realistic re-creation of the Woodstock music festival with all the ambiance and memories of the original. In Max Yasgur’s barn at Secondstock be sure to visit the exhibit created by the curators of Second Life’s Museum of Music (MUMU) on Infotainment Island. The historical exhibits at the Secondstock barn museum showcase pictures, props, and films from the original Woodstock and the events of the period. Festival visitors can stay at the campground and skinny dip in the Secondstock Lake plus relax under the oak trees at impromptu music sessions around the large fire pit.

Musicians arrive by helicopter to the main stage complete with music towers and a massive performer background display. A large vendor area of open tents provide festival goers the opportunity to purchase psychedelic clothing outfits, hippie paraphernalia, food, accessories, musical instruments, art, textures, jewelry, and other simply groovy stuff.

Neither Woodstock not Secondstock would be complete without plenty of Port-O-San porta potties, rows of outdoor phones, the First Aid tent, and marijuana plants hidden in the cornfields. NO MORE RAIN!! NO MORE RAIN!! Afternoon thunder showers were the norm in upstate New York in the summer of 1969 and at Secondstock as well (along with mud slide fun and craziness). The film documentary made about the original Woodstock won an Academy award and festival goers can relive the film ahead of time with a quick search on YouTube (Woodstock 1969 – 3 Days of Peace and Music).

“SECONDSTOCK intends to be one of Second Life’s biggest and most exciting summer concert events”, says Merck Forager, CEO of Secondstock Entertainment, which is promoting and producing the event.

“We’ve got an unbelievable lineup in the works that celebrates Second Life’s top musical artists,” Forager explains. “We’ve designed an event with a realistic flavor in Second Life that will transport you back in time. This kind of event has been long overdue in Second Life.”

Tickets are free but for more information visit

. Please come anytime before the festival to look around and to support our vendors. At the music festival be sure to come dressed for the event. Groovy!

See you October 24-26, 2008 at SECONDSTOCK!!

About Secondstock Entertainment
Secondstock Entertainment is a not-for-profit independent music promoter headquartered in Second Life.

Erik Silverstar – Marketing & Public Relations
Gabrielle Neddings – Vendor Sales and Exhibit Space
Amy Ferguson – Musician Recruitment and Program
Merck Forager – Musician Recruitment and Program

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