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Monogram Virtua Convention Center Hosts Second Bi-Annual Erotica Expo in Second Life - October 17th - 19th, 2008

Monogram Virtua Convention Center Hosts
Second Bi-Annual Erotica Expo in Second Life

October 17th - 19th, 2008

Inside Second Life, Monogram Virtua is proud to sponsor its second bi-annual Erotica Expo in the Virtual World. Hundreds of Erotica collectors from both the cyber and real worlds are set to arrive in Second Life October 17th – 19th to see both the erotic, sensual, sexual and exotic in cyberworld art and novelties. The Erotica Expo II opens at 11AM Pacific Time, October 17th, at the convention center on Monogram Tria ( ) where Monogram Virtua co-founder Harold Harold Whaley (SL name Hdub Shepherd), and VP Sales & Marketing Andrea McCloud (SL name Anakalia Catteneo) will be in attendance. A limited number of press passes will be available.

Artwork, clothing, magazine publications and various gadgets created by Second Life residents will be displayed in the convention center's courtyard. Various well known Second Life DJs will be providing entertainment over the course of the three day event including a special live performance by Virtual World musician, Bosco Constantine on Sat., Oct. 18th at 7 pm PDT. A special guest appearance by Anjelica Lauren, adult film star, will be making a guest appearance on Friday, October 17th at 12 pm PDT and will be mingling amongst the guests.

This is Monogram Virtua’s thirteenth virtual event in a series of aficionado based cyber world shows designed to bring the members of various Second Life communities together. Monogram Virtua’s co-founders, mainstream filmmaker Randall K. Rubin and music enthusiast/cutting edge technology expert Harold Whaley came up with idea for a series of virtual events after the phenomenal success of the movie premiere of JIMMY AND JUDY, a mainstream theatrical feature film directed and produced by Rubin, drove huge levels of cyber traffic to Monogram Prime, the company’s flagship island. While in the cyberworld, Monogram Virtua organized into their group of Second Life contacts a long list of enthusiasts from widely varied communities. The Second Life Erotica Expo II is designed to bring erotica collectors from inside and outside Second Life together.

About Featured Guest

Anjelica Lauren started appearing in adult films in 2005 and has starred in over 150 movies. Anjelica started out in the adult industry as a dancer at a gentleman’s club and was discovered by a patron who thought she could make it as an adult film actress. Anjelica worked as a dancer and a hairdresser before deciding to make the move to adult film. Anjelica’s other interests include boxing, singing, dancing, and running.

Live Music Lineup:

Oct 17th
12 - 1 pm: Cataplexia Numbers
4 - 5 pm: Doubledown Tandino
8 - 8 pm: Derrial Nightfire

Oct 18th
12 - 1 pm: Anjelica Lauren guest appearance
2 - 3 pm: Hush Law
4 - 5 pm Shon Larsson
7 - 8 pm - Bosco Constantine

Oct 19th
12 - 1 pm: Doubledown Tandno
3 - 4 pm: Flynn Karu

About Monogram Virtua

Monogram Virtua is a Metaverse Entertainment Company that specializes in the explosively emerging world of 3D Cyber Virtual interactive sites such as Second Life and Entropia Universe. The Company was founded by filmmaker Randall K. Rubin and cutting edge digital entertainment technology expert Harold Whaley to capitalize on the rapidly expanding untapped market of virtual interactivity for marketing and business. Monogram Virtua’s business centers around providing artists, entertainers, and entertainment and technology business partners with a portal into a vast digital virtual community, teaming with people, entertainment, experiences, and commercial opportunities. Virtual Worlds currently support millions of US dollars in the daily convertible currency transactions. Monogram Virtua specializes in providing customized services for businesses interested in taking advantage of this exciting new space. Monogram Virtua: “Real World Business for the Virtual World.”

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