Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Orange Island Celebrates its 1st Anniversary!

Orange Island

One year…
One year of highly interesting encounters, with you, visiting residents, content creators, shakers and stirrers of the metaverse.

One year of entertaining discussions and creative exchanges, around photography, machinima, media (new and old), music, games, innovation & geekiness, identity… not to mention all the interesting classes, concerts, and fun experiences we shared.

One year of turning the Orange sims upside down with ephemerous builds, art & photo installations, geeky demos and a ‘we’ll-never-know-if-it’s-a-record’-breaking family picture featuring over 100 avatars.

One year of opening up to other communities, content designers and event organizers, sharing the experience of innovative partnerships (FFRC, La Cantine, Orange Labs, Koinup, Metanomics, MadPea) and supporting creative projects (the Create Programme).

We’d like to thank you all for contributing to the life of a highly appreciated island. Dropping names would take up a lot of space, although something like that might actually happen in-world on Tuesday, on Orange Island, during our anniversary celebration.


If you’re into the music scene in Second Life, then you know that a good music performance requires three human elements: a musician (or musicians), fans (people who listen to the musician), and a venue owner (person who hosts the performance).

Musicians receive the bulk of attention at live music events, and rightly so, because their talent is the focus of entertainment. But there are some places in Second Life that deserve some recognition for the creative value that they add to their events and to the Second Life community as a whole. And so Orange Island is organizing a music festival next Tuesday that celebrates wonderfully talented musicians and also creative venues.

As each musician takes the stage Tuesday on Orange Island, the environment around everyone will transform into a representation of that venue as it exists in its original location. So although everyone will be at Orange Island, there will be a feeling of being at someplace else. Landmark dispensers will deliver landmarks to the actual locations in-world to anyone who would like one.
The transforming music festival is scheduled for 1pm to 6pm on Tuesday, October 28th, and we have a really diverse lineup:

Preshow ambient and triphop sounds provided by DJ Doubledown Tandino
1PM: Kourosh Eusebio (electronica) sponsored by Orange Island
2PM: Slim Warrior (electronica/club/down-tempo) sponsored by Menorca
3PM: Cylindrian Rutabaga (country/folk) sponsored by Avilion Isle
4PM: Ish and Neekie Lednev (jazz) sponsored by The Blue Note
5PM: Frogg and Jaycatt Nico (folk/blues) sponsored by Luskwood

Orange Island: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Orange%20Island/191/137/31
Orange Blog: http://orange-island.com/

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