Friday, October 10, 2008

Four Words I Invented Added to the English Lexicon

As Brad Reason (me in real life), i've invented words. Many people invent words. It's fun.

However, what's totally awesome, is that apparently, after submitting hundreds of words and definitions to Websters Dictionary ( aka ).... four specific words I have created in the past have actually been moved onward to now be considered part of the English lexicon. I can't believe people are actually using my words! That's sooo cool!! Potentially, these words may appear in future English language dictionaries.

Metapperatus - (Meh-tap-per-a-tis) noun. - An all encompassing tool used in a virtual world to make interactions and processes easier. (Users of the word have shortened it to 'metapper').
This word was winner of the Electrolux Invent-a-word Contest in 2007

IMbidextrous - (Eye-em-bih-dex-tris) adj. - Equally skilled in completing computer tasks while maintaining multiple instant message conversations.
example: "WOW! You are surfing the web and talking to someone else while you're IMing me too? You're very IMbidextrous."

Stappenstance - (Stap-in-stance) interjection. - What is happening. Short for 'What is the happenstance?"
example: Stappenstance? Nada, just chillin'.

Gigashits - (Gig-a-shitz) adjective, noun, or interjection. - Something computer related (equipment or software) that is superb, top-of-the-line, futuristic, or digitally impressive.
example: That new 70 inch flatscreen is the gigashits!

I hope you enjoy my words.

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