Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Doubledown's Dinky Rants - Go Take Your Bucket Somewhere Else! There's Plenty of Beach!

When I go to the beach, I like to build little castles and dig mindlessly. Once in awhile I get a little kid, perhaps 5 or 6, that wants to offer his or her opinion... and perhaps start building with me.

Now this annoys me. Perhaps it's because I know what's to follow. My casual leisurely random digging and building has now become a partnership with a 5 year old that feels his opinions on the project are in dire need of initiation. Plus, there are plenty of errors this 5 year old points out to show how my previous work can be improved now that he's here. AND... he's got a bucket..... ....but, he's a 5 year old, so I let the kid do his thing, and we hang out and build what he wants.

Perhaps the reason I'd rather build sandcastles alone is because I always got a "needs improvement" under "does not work well with others" on my grade school report cards. Perhaps it's because I just wanna lie on the beach, fiddle with sand at my own pace, and not think about starting a collaboration with a 5 year old.

Now, lets move to Second Life. If you see me, or anyone building.... in a sandbox, or on private land, it's okay to watch the creative building process, but PLEASE, don't start offering opinions, and PLEASE don't start collabo building onto a project while spouting out how the build could be much better with your help. Sometimes, people just wanna dig in sand alone.

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