Monday, June 29, 2009

Rocking The Metaverse Wave 1 - Machinima by Joanna

The first wave (4 shows in May/June 2009) of the Rocking the Metaverse took place, and Joanna presents the machinima covering the Second Life, OpenSim and Metaplace stops of the Rocking The Metaverse 1st ever Cross World Metaverse Live Music Tour!
This groundbreaking concert tour across multiple virtual worlds is presented by Koinup.

Featuring Live Musicians:
Dizzy Banjo
Grace McDunnough
Slim Warrior
Doubledown Tandino

Virtual Worlds Visited So Far by the Tour:
- Second Life
- Open Sim Reaction Grid
- Metaplace
- Twinity

The song featured is Bolly Good by Slim Warrior.

Machinima by Joanna Robinson


Wave 2 of Rocking the Metaverse is about to blast off. Visit Koinup to stay informed: