Wednesday, June 10, 2009

RJDJ - Dizzy Banjo Explores the Reactive Music Application for the iPhone & IPod Touch

I discovered RJDJ via Robert Thomas a.k.a. Dizzy Banjo, currently working as a reactive music composer.

From his blog article:
Scripting reality – music is everywhere…
Dizzy Banjo writes:

"RjDj is an amazing iPhone application which creates mind twisting hearing sensations by weaving your environment into reactive music. Voices, cars, your walking speed.. these and many other things can be used to shape your experience. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, try it!

I had been interested in RjDj from the moment I heard about it, and helped test during its beta phase. It’s come a long way since then with loads of new scenes added. Scenes are reactive musical programs within RjDj, which respond to your environment and movements in different ways. Here are some videos of various RjDj scenes:"

(I urge you to go to his blog for the full scoop. Here's a teaser to wet your appetite.)


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