Monday, June 22, 2009

Doubledown Tandino's Diggs of the Week - Iran Election & Social Media - June 2009-3

This past week's news was filled with Iran election & revolution coverage (or lack there of). We also witnessed a revolution in social media.

I pulled several interesting article links from the past week. These articles are about the massive role social media played rather than news about Iran:

#IranElection Crisis: A Social Media Timeline - One of the striking aspects of the #IranElection crisis has been the heavy use of social media. Iranians have relied on it to spread information on protests and to communicate their situation to millions of concerned people worldwide.

How (Twitter and) I* Crashed Iran's Propaganda Web Sites - A top new-media activist looks back on his role in the Twitterati's rise to power this week — and why it didn't stop Ahmadinejad's. *"I" is Josh Koster , Raph Koster's brother.

What the World Didn't See in Tehran - Iranian state television yesterday broadcast the soap operas and covered the news about Rafael Nadal's withdrawal from Wimbledon and Pakistani operations against the Taliban as if they were the most important stories of the day...

Tools to Undo Censorship in Iran and China. USE THEM - Web censorship has once again become a huge issue, due to two unrelated events: China’s Internet blockade due to the anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre, and more recently, the controversial Iran elections which have resulted in new oppressive measures, implemented by the current country leaders, to shut down free speech in the country.

Iran, Twitter, and The American Information Elite - Over the weekend, Iran hurtled into political upheaval, and America's 24-hour cable news networks hardly noticed. Mark Ambinder explains the role Twitter played in Iran.

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