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Second Life Music can Equal Success and Profit - Part 2: The Organization

In part 2 of "Second Life Music can Equal Success and Profit" - I want to discuss the organization of people that come together to create a successful music event inworld.

I discussed the possible goals of a live music show in Part 1. Now I will help formulate the individual roles and planning elements involved in creating a larger scale event with a high expectation, quality performer, and support team... the organization. By the time Part 3 rolls around ("How to create a profitable SL music venue and music event"), we'll have a good sense about the roles people play in a successful functioning music venue as well as the goals of each person involved.

(draft. updated 6/17)

The Potential Positions to Combined Show
The people pieces of organizing a SL music event:

(Let me preface this by saying that each crew member of a venue/performer/event production team usually takes on multiple roles, and sometimes ALL of the roles. As an inworld music organization grows, more people will jump on board to support. At the same time, keep in mind that a successful music production & event can also be as small as one person, performing shows, on their land, and handling any responsibilities on their own.)

Venue Owner - The venue owner (the one that owns the land the music venue is located) in SL usually plays one of four roles. The responsibilities are vast depending on how much the land owner(s) want to be involved. The land of a music venue owner types are:

1) not involved) A silent business partner that simply owns the land. This person or company would hire the main venue creator and producer to make the venues and events happen.
1b) not involved but supportive) This is the friendly land owner who has no involvement in the development of the show, but enjoys supporting the music venue and comes to shows & helps.
2) involved) A land owner or a company that owns land who's primary focus is the business, and an aspect of that being music venue(s). The company representative would be considered the land/venue owner, and plays a moderate management role in the events and shows.
3) highly involved) equally involved with a producer or general management.
4) highest level of involvement) lead producer and head manager (CEO) of their entire venue and project including the land.

Venue General Manager and/or Event Producer - If the owner of the land isn't producing the shows, then there is the role of the main GM & event producer for the venue. This person generally has all the responsibility and also delegates responsibilities. In most smaller venue operations, the GM is the owner.

Venue Talent Booker/Scheduler/Manager - If the venue owner or venue GM choose, they may decide to divide up the responsibilities of scheduling the performers and scheduling the venue staff. For larger scale events and team effort venues/clubs, usually the person that books and handles the artistic talent (the musician, dj, act) is a different job position than the person that manages and schedules the staff (hosts, dancers, security). The Venue Talent Manager maintains the roster of performers and plays a large role as producer & promoter of the show and event.

Venue Manager/Host Manager - As mentioned above, because the talent manager of a venue has many high-expectation responsibilities, usually there is the job position of a Venue Manager. This is someone that maintains the staff roster, schedules and coordinates with the planning of events, and also usually maintains the day to day running of a venue. If a venue isn't highly staffed, sometimes the venue manager can play the role of a promoter, host, or event security.

Venue Host - (which includes all venue staff and volunteers, dancers, security, etc) This is a crucial role. Although the job position is not overlooked in SL (every venue has hosts) the quality of a host can make or break an event. A professional host is the key to an event's success. They operate as a promoter, wrangler, info distributor, group adder, pitchman, performer support, and so much more. It is imperative to have quality host(s) working any live music event. There are many times where the role of host is handled by the management.

Venue Sponsor - The person, company, or brand that pitches in money, advertising support, or in-kind trade to the venue. In exchange the sponsor receives posted signage, branding, and representation at the venue. This is a great source & option for any venue that needs help covering the costs (more on this in Part 3).

Performer - This person or group is "the show", "the performance." Sometimes they could be considered "the event", but not always. A great performer in SL never limits themselves to just this role. They may also help with the venue, or even be the venue management. The performer can be their own promoter, or manager of the promotion team.

Performer's Agent / Manager - The agent/manager will work with the performer to help create more opportunities, and also guide the performer's career. This role could be a company agency that has a roster of performers as well as a roster of venues, talent buyers, and clients. This role could also be one person, who operates to assist the performer with whatever needs come up. A good agent or manager will do promotion & networking for the performer as well.

Performer's Street Team - This is a collective of people, usually volunteers and fans that want to help and support the performer. They don't get paid, nor have any obligations, but their continued help bringing people to events and spreading the word for the performer is monumental.

Performer Sponsor - This is a company that pays the performer (either in money or trade) to represent the company during events. This is a great way that a venue can book an expensive performer. If the performer's sponsor pays the performer's rate to play, then the venue can run events and book shows with a lesser budget.

I am still working on elements I would like to add to this post. Please add input in the comments and I will be sure to add new ideas to the article.

Thank you Zak Claxton of Frothy Music for your input.

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