Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The 10 Best Songs from Flight of the Conchords [Vids]

From a bit of Korean karaoke to the fourth-most epic trap showdown New Zealand has ever seen. Flight of the Conchords top 10 videos (as of 2009, from their HBO tv show)

"During its two seasons on the air, Flight of the Conchords went from being a quiet cult hit to a full-blown pop culture phenomenon. Appealing to comedy snobs and mainstream viewers alike, the show has proven that there's still a market for subtle, intelligent humor. The fact that its songs are funny and catchy as hell doesn't hurt either. For the recently completed second season, creators/stars Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement wisely gave their supporting cast more to do -- meaning that fan favorite characters such as Murray, Dave and Mel suddenly found themselves with a lot more screen time, much of which was spent breaking into song.

There's some validity to the argument that the songs featured in the second season are a bit weak compared to those in the first. But here's the thing you should realize in order to be more constructive with your feedback: Bret and Jemaine only had a few months to come up with new material, as opposed to the years they spent honing the songs that appeared initially. Alas, it appears that the rumors that Bret and Jemaine only wanted to do two seasons of the show are true. The future of Flight of the Conchords looks dire, but its musical legacy isn't -- here's a look at the 10 best songs from the show whose multilayered jokes pack a greater impact upon each subsequent listening..." - By Chris Cummins

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