Tuesday, May 12, 2009

10 Signs You Really Need To Get A Life

10 Signs You Really Need To Get A Life
by Twinster

We have all felt it. We have all been thinking about it. The, in some cases, harmful amounts of man years we spend deciphering the ones and zeros by simple clicks on a computer screen. Too much time spent on something can drive some people to the very edge of insanity. So close to it that it no longer makes any sense. Not even in the slightest bit of clarity.

If you look at these 10, obvious, cases thinking -”That could so be me!” then you are truly in need of help. A lot of help!WARNING: Pure Awesomeness Ahead!Buckle up and hope for the best!

World of Warcraft Insanity

1. World of Warcraft

Do you play WoW (World of Warcraft)? Do you frenetically try to gain those extra gold bars in order to win that epic sword auction at the dwarf’s underground city? Do you crave it so much you skip a few hours of sleep just to get it. Well, in all fairness, you are safe and seemingly human. If your desk however looks like this…SEEK HELP!

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