Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Art Box - Combining Real Life Iconic Artwork with Second Life Avatars

Art Box (SLURL) is a Second Life art installation that provides a series of detailed photographic sets for the recreation of famous works of art, in a virtual world setting.

With this facility it's easy to recreate famous art in your own image; your avatar, your style, your Second Life photograph! Using the pictures you can take at Art Box you have perfect material for your Profile, for your Flickr account, for Koinup, for your blog, for framing in-world - in fact for any application you can think of. All totally free.

Check out our gallery of virtual art to get more ideas on how to get the best out of this resource. Roll over the images to see Art Box editions, and click to see SL enlargements.

MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE GALLERY on their website. Scroll over the pics to see the various SL versions.

They even provide you with free clothing and props if you plan to emulate the originals more closely, It's entirely up to you to remake the art in your own style. The original artworks they reference are drawn from a spectrum of styles, periods and media, from classical to modern, from fine art to photography. The one consistent thread is that all our images are instantly recognisable iconic works by legendary artists in their field. Visit Art Box today, and create a modern take on classic art.

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