Monday, May 18, 2009

Doubledown Tandino Turns 30 - Party in Second Life - Thursday May 21st starts at 11am (slt)

Doubledown Tandino's 30th (in RL) Birthday Party in Second Life
Thursday May 21st, 2009
10amish to 3pmish
at Alexander Beach-

On May 21st, you're invited to my special 30th birthday in Alexander Beach. Celebrating my birthday in Second Life seems most appropriate, since many of my great friends are there, and any of my real life friends are welcome to join us as well.

In correlation to the regular weekly event, "Postcards from the Edge (of SL)", photographers are encouraged take snaps and post works onto
- Two Photo Contests during the event: Best Dancer Photo ... and ... Best Particle Capture - $2000L total for best photos posted to the Koinup PFTE Group

PREPARTY HANGOUT 10amish (slt)
- Preshow mix with DJ Doubledown
(Trip-Hop Fuze-Twist)

PARTY STARTS 11am (slt)
- DJ Mach Volitant mix
(Dogbeats, Macrame-Tech, & Deep Risk)

12pm (slt):
- DJ Doubledown Tandino mix
(Intelligent Liquid Shoelace, Obscure Beats, & Lusty Maneuvers)
+ $2000L Winner from May 14th 'Lighting' week will be announced.
- We will announce the $2000L winner for Ravelong's "Best Virtual Mushroom" Contest:
All info and how to enter:

1pm (slt):
- DJ Juju Dollinger
(Temporal Persuasions)

2pm (slt):
- DJ Elfay Pinkdot mix
(Swan Dive Perplexity, Circus Tent Rhythms)

Any specific info or updates, be sure to check the group

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