Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Future of Music (discussion by Komuso) (New World Notes)

Mixed Reality Komuso On The Future of Music Online
By Hamlet Au of New World Notes

"This is an extremely interesting and incisive talk on the future of music online from someone uniquely qualified to speak on it: the man behind metaverse blues master Komuso Tokugawa, the voodoo-flavored avatar who fronted some of Second Life's most innovative live music shows, including live combo performances between Komuso from Japan and musicians in Taiwan and Canada. (The audio on the presentation computer wasn't working, so I've embedded the two videos he's talking about after the break.) He speaks a little about how those were done from the technical side, and weaves that into a smart analysis of where Internet-driven music is going (and where worlds like SL fit into that scheme.) My favorite bits: Komusu cites a Japanese university study on live music performers in Second Life, which reports that the upper end of earnings for "a small number of us" is $40-100/hour. And this line: "The record industry is dead, love live the music industry." Burn those words outside the entrance of the RIAA, baby."


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