Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Music That Makes You Stupid (Music That Makes You Dumb)

CalTech grad student named Virgil Griffith has conducted a study relating music preferences with SAT scores. Very interesting picture graphs, click the "read more" below to see those.

The thing is... I disagree with this piece and Virgil's theory. The correlation that the music makes the listener "more stupid" or "smarter" is just a false diagnosis of cause and effect... In actuality, I believe it is the other way around.

People migrate to the music they identify with, hence, someone with less intelligence or book smarts may gravitate to listen to Lil John rather than Beethoven. I find this study terribly flawed with assumptions, however, it's very interesting.

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(I thought it was also pretty hilarious that the author named his report "Music that makes you Dumb" .... dumb being the wrong word to use. His report is not about music that limits your ability to speak.)

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James said...

Proof That Musical Taste Indicates Intelligence

Virgil has caused quite the stir. His suggestion that "Music makes you dumb" is really quite absurd but there's undeniable correlation.

In my opinion, no music makes you unintelligent. If Albert Einstein turned on "Lil Wayne" the lowest intelligent music on Virgil's graph, would that transform him to dumb?

To better understand the correlation Virgil has identified, all you have to do is flip the cause and effect.

Instead of "Music makes you dumb."

Reverse it to:

"Your intelligence is indicated by your musical taste."

In so many words, the article below proves that people who enjoy music WITHOUT words are more intellectual than people who DO NOT like music WITHOUT words. Enjoy!