Monday, May 18, 2009

5 Questions to the Artists of Rocking the Metaverse - (Orange Island)

5 Questions to the Artists of Rocking the Metaverse
posted by Eric Arkright of Orange

"Friday night, I was meeting with Dizzy Banjo, Doubledown Tandino, Grace McDunnough, Poid Mahovlich and Slim Warrior, who will be part of Rocking the Metaverse. This never seen before music tour will gather five of the foremost musicians of Second Life and take them over four venues: Second Life (in our auditorium), ReactionGrid on OpenSim, Twinity and Metaplace.

I planned to ask them about the present and future of music in virtual worlds, but due to my sheer noobyness at conducting interviews, most of it was done over email. During our chat though, we experimented chatting in dual reality mode, since we all logged on to Metaplace while talking via voice in Second Life.

The first concert of the Rocking the Metaverse tour will take place tomorrow, 19th May at 1pm SLT, on Orange Island. Dont’ event think of missing such an historic event! Read the interview after the jump.

Dizzy Banjo (Robert Thomas) is a composer as well as a performing artist from London. He talks about music, virtual worlds and all the experiments you can have with them on his blog.
Grace McDunnough is a renowned musician on Second Life, and she also designs virtual experiences. You can read (and hear) more about her on her website.
Jax Streeter wasn’t booked when we met, so he’s not part of the interview. But you can listen to his music on his site.
Doubledown Tandino (Brad Reason) is a well known SL and RL performer from Florida. He blogs about the web and social media, and we recommend you listen to his music.
Slim Warrior (SlimGirlFat) is the first UK musician to perform live on Second Life. Her Myspace is full of musical goodness.
Poid Mahovlich is one of the most experienced SL photographer. Perhaps because she’s also a on in RL. View her galleries on Flickr and Koinup or read her blog.
Koinup Editor (Pierluigi Casolari) is the co-founder of, the main ressource for virtual world art. He’s the main organiser of Rocking the Metaverse. He couldn’t make it to the meetup, but he was kind enough to answer my questions...."


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