Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back to Real at Bartube in Real Life & Club Vital in Second Life - November 7th, 2008

November 7th, 2008 @ Vital Staff in Second Life

Hello peoples , here is from internet virtual world . Virtual world is a space that is new by development of the Internet was born. An internet world. is the one more place on the earth.

The space was not merely only the virtual simulation world, a gloval music community in the world was already born. and a new culture, a movement occurred, and the event to cut it by world common use more was enabled.

As for such cyber technology challenge and the experiment of a new culture movement, ViTaL always advances in the next to you every day.

"Back to Real" is a event , let virtual to encounter of the real.

We will broadcast in the all the pictures virtual space of BarTube of Tokyo live, and, in an area different in the world, it is it in form of the participation participation to a common event on that day at lot world local people same time on that day.

In an area different in the world on the day to this event will going to participate. We will broadcast it live in all the movie to virtual Club ViTaL. of BarTube of Tokyo on that day. In real world a lot of local people same time will participation. The communication occurs at the same time, too.

and then, Spanish Dj myckiwillis ( France ) Dj GW (Italy ) will turn on virtual , her mix live perform will broadcast to loveTKO. Is a experiment on a live broadcasting play more than the distance.

We will cross this virtual and real world use 3computers , Please experience it !! With us "Kiss the Future"

新しいスタイルのクラブイベントへの挑戦、「Back to Real」。


そのようなサイバー技術への挑戦、及び新たなカルチャームーブメントの実験は、ViTaL、いつも、あなたの隣で日々進んでいます。「Back to Real」は、そのバーチャルとリアルの出会いのイベントです。

世界違う地域で、その日、共通のイベントへの参加、当日、東京のBarTubeの映像全てバーチャル空間にあるClub ViTaL生中継し、世界のたくさんの地域の人々同時参加の形になります。同時にコミュニケーションも発生します。
それに、フランスのDJ、myckiwillis、イタリアDJ GWはバーチャルを通じ、BarTubeへ生mixライブを行い。距離を越えるライブプレイを実験します。

3台のコンピューターで組んだこのバーチャル、リアル世界のイベントは、ぜひ皆さんも体験してください!私たちと共に「Kiss the Future」

- Radi Roffo
Vital Staff

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