Wednesday, November 19, 2008

GREEN your Routine in Second Life - (NBC's) Green Week

From the TV network NBC comes "Green Week" Although there's an affiliation with NBC being the sponsor, the cause and idea is wonderful.

In November of 2007, NBC Universal launched its first official Green Week. Throughout the week, NBC Universal presented over 150 hours of environmentally themed content across multiple platforms. Then, in April of 2008, NBC Universal celebrated Earth Day with over 100 hours of green-themed content over multiple platforms during what was coined Earth Week 2008.

Now, NBC Universal is proud to present Green Week 2008. With a new theme and message of "Green Your Routine," NBC Universal has set out to provide actionable content and entertainment for its viewers and users across multiple platforms.

Here at NBC and we celebrate our talent in the "The More You Know" PSA campaign, presenting green-themed storylines in several of our daytime and primetime shows, among several other features here on the "Green Your Routine" site.
Every small step and effort makes a difference! Be sure to GREEN YOUR ROUTINE!

What are YOU going to do for Green Week?
Ok, no, I do NOT mean that I want you to tell me that you're going to recycle more.

I mean, in Second Life, what are YOU doing to "Green your Routine"?

Is there anyone planning events or occasions to promote Green Week within Second Life?

Unfortunately, I will not be in SL much this week to find these related events.
I am hoping that anyone who knows of Green Week events in SL, please post the info in the comments. I would also love comments of people that plan to "green their routine" within Second Life.
I will come back later and revise this post with the listing of Second Life Green Week events.

Thank you
The World

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