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Music Mogul. Make Your Mark. The new metaverse for music!

In rare instances, I find a virtual world (other than Second Life) worth mentioning. There have been many made. I have tried any and all of the free metaverses. I have an account in each. Second Life is the ONLY one I use. However, once in awhile I find a new metaverse with potential. This one not only has potential, but I think it's could be the breakthrough many Second Life performers will move to. We shall see, it's waay too soon to tell, we only have a preview so far. Music Mogul Drops in The Verse in 2009.


It was extremely tough to find any form of promotion in relation to the site. and the launch. Lucky the press release came my way (posted below).

The website currently has a video explaining what's to come, and otherwise, there's basically nothing on the net announcing this.... ... yet....

I think this is going to be HUUUGE! Rodney Jerken's new ahead-of-the-game music project is already getting me thrilled. Mr Jerkins is a hitmaker, innovator, phenomenon, & impresario. If there were a Guinness Book of Musical Records, Grammy Award-winning superproducer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins and his myriad accomplishments would certainly comprise quite a few chapters. An outstanding producer/songwriter, multi-faceted 29-year-old Jerkins creates timeless compositions that stand the test of time again and again.

Personal Sidenote: He was a neighbor of mine in South New Jersey for some time. Although we had never met. I did meet Whitney Houston though on one occasion and not only made her laugh, but made her BUST OUT LAUGHING! It was a proud wonderful moment in my life that I actually don't think I ever mentioned to anyone except for one other person until now. I got to meet many Darkchild reps during my fun and exciting times working as a performer at Caesars Atlantic City. (yep, that's me Jugging in front of Caesar and Cleopatra. I was 18.)

This is the next step, the next level, the obvious next level. This is the way to go. Some may have the goal of specifically winning the record deal Mr Jerkins is going to drop to one music artist every 3 months. Others will have the common goal of music networking, sharing, spreading, enjoying, collaborating, and exposing EVERYONE to the world.

I think this is it! I think this could be the next big thing. Reason being: The money and the backing is there to make this universe work. The combination of technology professionals leading the virtual worlds movement, mixed with the talent of all people creative and artistic, plus the backing and simple fact that Rodney Jerkins is gonna make his shit work! He's not gonna accept lag. People's gonna get fired if they don't fix his shit up tight! I jest I jest.

Mr Jerkins, the Darkchild team, and the wave of people that jump into this metaverse is going to be a proper combination.

There are a few potentials where people would NOT join. For example, if in the ToS, all music in Music Mogul becomes available to Darkchild. I doubt that will take place. Everyone will own their own intellectual property. That's what it will be about. Individuals, teams, collaborations, labels, all pumpin' their own directions and journeys. I am also hoping this is a free service. I would hate to see a pay for basic member. Obviously there will be high price tags for the Gold Membership, whatever that may be, but I'm also fairly certain that this will be free (I am hoping) and each music artist will be able to use all of the features without paying. We shall see.

-Doubledown Tandino

The 80's had MTV(TM), the 00's had MySpace(TM), and now is The NEXT Evolution of the Music Industry LOS ANGELES, Nov. 17

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Music Mogul, LLC ( is the world's first online music world with real rewards and a unique search for the hottest new superstars. This online destination is set to make a mark on the music industry and social networks with the ground-breaking design and interactive experience for the consumer,
performers, and celebrity artists, alike. For the first time, social networkers can experience the music lifestyle through a virtual living world.
Set to alter the face of music engagement through a rich interactive world, Music Mogul, LLC represents an entirely browser-based online destination where celebrity artists can unite with their fans and aspiring artists have a chance for discovery to become the next superstars!

It took the collaborative effort and vision of four industry power players from music and video games who have joined forces to pioneer this innovative new endeavor. The team behind the virtual world are a step ahead with their entry into the ever growing virtual online space. Music Mogul, LLC was founded by Nicholas Longano, CEO of Music Mogul, LLC (8 year video game
veteran and former Co-Founder of Brash, President of Massive Inc which sold to Microsoft in 2006, and General Manager/EVP of Vivendi Games); Rodney Jerkins, Chief Creative Officer & Music Supervisor of Music Mogul, LLC (Rodney is a Grammy(TM)-winning producer, who has produced many of the hottest artists in music, such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Brandy, Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears, Destiny's Child, Cher, Toni Braxton, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige); Ray Brown, Chief Talent Operations of
Music Mogul, LLC (Ribeiro & Brown Management, Nu Life Entertainment, Southern Boy Entertainment and has worked with Will Smith, Nick Cannon, Quincy Jones, and TLC to name a few); and Jonathan Eubanks, Chief Operating Officer of Music Mogul, LLC (15 years in video game production, with such companies as Activision, Brash, Vivendi Games and Warner Interactive).

Of his latest project, Jerkins says, "I've been looking for the next big thing to come out of music ... and I found it through games. Music Mogul is an extraordinary new music experience, created for anyone who's ever wanted a chance to be discovered, or anyone who just loves music or games. It offers something for everyone, including artists who are looking for new ways to
reach and connect with fans in a way that is both comfortable and personal."

Jerkins is confident in his belief that the Music Mogul, LLC world will be a direct line to undiscovered talent, as evidenced by his announcement that a new Music Mogul, LLC artist will be chosen every quarter to receive a three song demo deal with his own Darkchild Productions.

CEO Longano says, "Music Mogul offers a full music lifestyle and virtual world experience. Through Rodney's star making abilities and incredible ear for talent, it provides a new generation of performers that have grown up with video games and social networks, a new venue to discover and be discovered."

Music Mogul, LLC provides something for everyone. For performers, this is the first time ever that aspiring artists are given all the tools they need to audition, promote, and perform live to a global audience through a virtual world with real life rewards. For those who just want to experience the music lifestyle, there is endless opportunity for entertainment, including live
karaoke, game arcades, in-world concerts, and more.

To further expand the music lifestyle experience, users can establish, decorate, and expand their Hollywood "cribs," adorn themselves in the latest fashions, and attend exclusive in-world events with their favorite celebrities. "Using a game inspired, Aria powered, microtransaction platform,
Music Mogul collapses the barriers between the music, artists and their fans.

Music Mogul eliminates the restrictions of time, currency or geography and connects the music world participants in real time. It's pure genius," Ed Sullivan, CEO of Aria Systems.

Music Mogul, LLC is being developed by iLemon, a leading virtual world developer founded by former senior management of popular virtual world Habbo Hotel. "Music Mogul's attention to realism and detail is pushing the boundaries of virtual worlds. Music Mogul will be a showcase of not only the future of virtual worlds, but how users will experience music and connect with
each other. It is unique, focused and compelling," says iLemon President and Founder, Jouni Keranen.

Calvin Ng, CEO of iLemon says, "We are excited to be developing the Music Mogul world, and believe it is an important step toward bringing virtual worlds to a broader audience, and making connections between the virtual world and the real world through the global appeal of music."

See the evolution of music at
...coming Q1 2009.

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