Monday, November 17, 2008

Doubledown's TV Picks - Flight of the Conchords - The Bowie Song (live)

As Second Life continues to be all "Second Lifey"....
sidenote: can i trademark "Second-Lifey" or does Linden Research Inc. get that?

either way... SL is happening, but so is real life. Obama won, the universe's economy is collapsing, and there's some really friggin' awesome TV on the boob tube these days.

So, my recommendation is to turn off Second Life for a while once in awhile, and go watch some TV instead.

I'm creating "Doubledown's TV Picks" on the blog. It will feature real life TV favorites as well as Second Life TV favorites. I do believe as the future moves onward the line will become more and more blended. Please, I would LOVE comment responses from Second Lifers that are fans of the shows I mention.

Today: Flight of the Conchords
Season 1 is completed and on HBO
Season 2 is coming Jan/Feb 2009

Here is a video from their live show (not their TV show) and an awesome tune. Enjoy

Season 2 trailer:

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