Friday, November 14, 2008

"Second Life - The Movie" - What Avatars would be Lead Roles in the Movie? What Real Life Actors would play those Roles?

"Second Life - The Movie" ..... Lets say Hollywood green-lit the new action-adventure-drama-comedy movie project..... The movie is "Second Life - The Movie"

Which In-world avatars would have lead roles in the movie? What Avatars would be the main characters in the film? IF SL-The Movie was made, what avatar people would you want to see in that movie.

Next question.... since it's going to be a real life Hollywood release movie, we need real life actors.
Which real life actors would be best to play the roles of the SL avatars?
Let me give an easy example....
Obviously Philip Linden would be a role in the film.... perhaps Matt Damon would be a good actor choice? Leonardo DeCapprio?
Next, Torley Linden of course would be a feature role... I'm thinking Johnny Depp (holding a watermelon).
So, other than the various Lindens.... who else? The long time SL creators and developers deserve roles in the movie. The SLebrities.... The musicians and artists.... the wackos, weirdos, goreans, sex pervs, griefers?

Please use the comments to offer up your suggestions:

1) Who are the avatars in SL that would be great characters in a movie?
2) What real life actor would be best to play these characters?
3) If YOUR AVATAR was in the movie, what real life actor would you want playing the role of you?


Anonymous said...

I'm going to say Timeless Prototype would be good for the movie.

Ontop of that, he looks a lot like Kiefer Sutherland, so I'd have to say that'd be the best choice.

I dont really want myself in a movie, especially when there are better people like Timeless.

Fayandria said...

OH! WOW! You must have Timeless in it! Timeless Prototype - and played by .... Chase Crawford or Taylor Kitsch. No! I know! David Beckham silently moving around the grid, dressed all in black with a multi-gadget in ear doing good deeds! Like Batman or Zorro. Yep! You better have Timeless there or it will never go box-office!

Jeri said...
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Jeri said...

I definitely agree that Timeless Prototype needs to have a role in this film! He has been around since the early days of Second Life, is successful, amazingly talented & is obviously well known & revered by the masses.
I agree with anonymous that Keifer Sutherland would be perfect for the role of Timeless Prototype. He truly does resemble:

Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

Timeless Prototype would definitely be in there for sure. I'll need to take a closer look at some people so I can get some RL actors to identify with the Avatars.

Some characters I'd love to see in the movie (but I'm not sure who would play them yet, perhaps you all can help):

Anshe Chung - Lucy Lu
Mitch Kapor - Sean Connery
Callie Cline - Jenny McCarthy
Prokovy Neva - im not sure in terms of looks, but Michael Moore would still be a good choice.

keep em comin...

Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

more characters for the movies: Astrin Few, Slim Warrior, Circe Broom, Aimee Webber, The ESC gang Sibley & Giff, Jenzza Misfit, Robert Bloomfield, LukeConnel Vandervere

keep em comin

Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

LukeConnel Vandervere I'm going to go with Gary Oldman.

also, for some reason... I think there's alot of avatars that look like Kevin Costner.

Jeri said...

I think the part of Helenna Hutchinson, my own alter ego, should be played by Lisa Edelstein.
They look very much alike. :D

Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

(apologies in advance, I'm not really gonna spell all names right... but you know who I mean)

Couple more I'd love to see in Second Life - The Movie:

Crap Mariner... depending on how his or her avatar is looking that day, plus sometimes with gears attached.... Crap Mariner has a few actor options. Crispin Glover (the actor from Back to the Future).. or perhaps Charlie Chaplin from "Modern Times".

I'd want Paisley Beebe in the movie.... I'm thinkin like a Julia Roberts, but we'll make Julia change her hair for the role.

FlipperPa Penegrine, Dizzy Banjo, Hiro Pendragon, Nethermind Bliss, Nexeus Fatale, Taco Rubio, Stoker Serpentine.... ohh, Stroker is a good one, what actor would play him?

I've realized Robin Linden would have a part.... can't think of who would play her yet.

Also, consider SL legends that are not in the SL spotlight much anymore, but they are major impactful people (and people I will always consider people that deserve a spotlight)... Flaming Moe, Starax, Robbie Dingo, Katt Kongo, Phoenix Psaltery, Spin Martin, Bolliver Oddfellow

I'd love to hear more ideas on the avatars that deserve roles in the movie... but I reallly would looove to hear what famous actors would be playing the roles....

so keep em coming!!

MaryJoanne said...

DD = Ryan Phillipe
Nickos = Wade Wilson
Cesare = Josh Holloway
Myself = Cameron Diaz (with sticky stuff in hair lol)