Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kirstenlee Cinquetti - Clients and Viewers that let you SEE, not just view

The best way to offer up Kirstenlee Cinquetti's Sl clients, OpenSim clients, and other open-source inventions, it's best to simply direct you straight to the blog with all the info:


If you are a SL or pixel-photog, even a mechinimist, you'll definitely want to check out her viewers. It's about time we have shadows cast from light within the grid.

Here are the direct FTP downloads for the viewers: http://www.armyof4.com/Kirstenlee/
however I recommend reading the blog so you know what you're doing before you blow up your computer.


As a recap, I've mentioned before the Nicholaz clients/viewers as well, which can be found at:


The reason I am so strongly for creatives taking the open source and creating their own viewers, is because us users are the ones that know what is most important to us in SL. As a photographer, you don't need voice lagging your shots. As a musician, you don't need everyone's party bling crashing your stream. So, in conclusion, I recommend trying out other viewers that have been created before you just run around complaining nothing works.
If windlight doesn't work for you... why not use a SL viewer that has the sky disabled?
If animations, rotating scripts, big laggy BS, why not use a viewer that has all that already disabled before you log in?

Just some suggestions..... there's ways to fix your complaints in SL.... and the only effective cure for your problems is to solve the problems yourself.... because the solutions exist.

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