Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I just want to mention...... I am there for YOU

Doubledown Tandino from Second Life here:
This is simply to spread the word to you, and possibly that word will be spread onward.

I've written several scripts (now 4 months of work) which are my server auto-promotion tools.... i will divulge nothing more because they are extremely awesome scripts I made, and I would never sell them, and pretty much not even want to explain what they are doing.... but trust me, the tools I've created are nothing but GOOD for whichever parcel I am standing on, it causes ZERO lag, there is no form of seedy data collection. (Most people seem to assume I must be using some sort of bot system which auto spams to 1000s of groups or some other nasty method). Believe me, it has NOTHING to do with that.

ANYHOOOOOO.... lately, people may have been seeing me show up to their party, venue, or club, with an attached floating box near me. I come into the venue, sit, and just dont say a word. Some managers and hosts don't care or mind, some get suspicious and IM me, some eject me, some eject and ban me.... either way it doesnt matter, all are fine. It is their land, and have full rights to.

However, I want to mention, that when I come in and do this, I am dramatically helping the venue/land I'm standing in, and also AFK, not paying attention to SL, and probably watching TV.

When I see a good event about to happen, but know I'm not involved in SL or my computer during that time, I tend to drop my avatar off at a venue, and in essence have my auto scripts run on my avatar. They enhance the land in the short term and long term.

In exchange for doing this, I need to have a small floating box attached to me.

All-in-all I was spending the last few months trying to explain one-on-one what O was actually doing to help when venue managers ask. It's just getting too time consuming for me to try to explain the methods I am doing to help by dropping my avatar off at an event. It looks suspicious if you do not know me, so that is why I understand an ejection from the land.

Anyway, just wanted to say, that if you see me doing this, showing up, not saying a word, and sitting at one spot with a small floating box near me, it is 110% to HELP the venue, the land,and the performer. There is nothing suspicious going on. There is nothing spammy related, nothing occurring to make your venue look bad, theres nothing that causes lag, and im not doing any tactics that aren't on the level. The ONLY thing i am doing is using my AFK time and server to HELP the venue, .. rather than just logging off....

Please do what you will as venue owners, managers, and performers. IF i am there and afk with a box on my head, i am working FOR you.... if anyone ejects me I totally wont take any offense to it at all, and I understand, because I do realize I am doing this without asking and without explanation. I am hoping my trustworthy reputation and community support activist reputation will allow people simply to be okay with me and think
"whatever the heck he's doin over there he's helping, not hurting, so just leave him there, and dont eject/ban him because he wont explain what he's doing. Doubledown is there helping us."


lemonodo said...

hey this is great... you were there for one of my gigs at a club that really supports hardstyle and really great music... thank you doubledown so much...

Anonymous said...

Why even take the time to write such a long excuse as to why you can't tell us what it is exactly you are doing to so-called "help us" when you could have saved time by giving us the explanation instead of an excuse? To me and probably many others it only appears that you are hiding something and that wouldn't surprise me.

Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

Thanks Miss Anonymous... even though I know exactly who you are since you neglected to realize that I can see who posts comments even if they post as anonymous.

The reason I posted this long message is so when someone asks me what I am doing, I can simply direct them to read this thread instead of having to write it out each and every time someone asks me.

Meanwhile, since I know who you are, it is clear you are speaking of a projection of yourself. The person that you are is what you are commenting about, and you are projecting it onto me.

Long story short, if you feel I am in any way doing anything "shady", then just eject me, mute me, ban me.

Furthermore, I request that you name one, any one instance, in my entire history of Second Life where I had alterier motives in the community aspects of what I do in SL.

Let me remind you, at the moment currently, I have no product shop in SL, and am currently losing RL money on a regular basis to continue on with my overall goal of enjoying the fact that I love progressing the community and collaboration of SL.

Take a quick look at your crew... and the past 2-3 years of work you've done....

Ask yourself why you continue to waste time trying to project the image that I am not a good solid SL resident with integrity. Name any instance.

In fact.... you have not once talked to me face to face ONCE to ever discuss ANY issue you ever had with me. You and your crew are entirely two-faced. Friendly and willing to accept my help when we are face to face, and then you continue to just waste your time trying to tear me down and others.

Here's my point.... as you've spent your years thinking you are helping the SL community by "calling out" everyone you think is evil.... Instead, why not take a look at what the rest of SL has been doing the past 2 years. It's not 2006 anymore, and your club and crew have no clue as to what 2008 Second Life is about.

Lastly, don't post anymore comments on my blog if you don't have the balls to announce your name. You used to comment on my blog revealing your name.... and now, you backhandedly do what you can to mock and belittle people without ever speaking to anyone face to face about your issues.

PS... if you reread my original post, it will answer your question. The reason that I am not telling anyone my methods is because I invented this promotial concept and the scripting involved, and I would never want people like you even dreaming up the idea that what I am doing is possible. I share my ideas and help my friends. My friends read this blog post and know that with my 3 year reputation of doing nothing but helping other people, it wouldn't cross their mind that there was an alterier motive.

PPS: Its my blog, I waste however much time I would like on it. I consider you the one wasting the time to read it and comment on it.

PPS: Don't comment on my blog again unless you're willing to tell everyone who you are.

PPPS: I am a very nice person, and have never had the thought of "getting back" at people, much unlike your crew does on a daily basis... but if I were to unleash the truth I know about you, I doubt you would ever appear again because of so much about you that would be exposed. It would be way to embarrassing for you to ever enter again with the avatar you use now.

Ricky Davis said...

I see double d at sunset jazz all the time with his box attachment nothing ever seems out of the ordinary just there to promote coffee and pajamas. He loves to DJ and listen to good DJ's plain and simple.