Saturday, November 22, 2008

I just want to mention...... I am there for YOU (Part 2)

Above is 4 screenshots of the The Monogram Virtua "Skins and Shapes" convention on November 22nd, 12pm-2pm slt. The expo continues onward through the weekend, November 22nd through the 24th.
On to the point at hand: I refer you to this post I blogged a few days ago:
Please take a moment to review comment 3 and then my response.
There is currently a "punk-crew" within Second Life, that has changed their goals from positive to negative. Previously they were about the promotion and enhancement of the DJ community. Now they spend most of their days simply tearing down other people's projects and creations. It must take a lot of their time planning to slander other people, instead of just continuing on with your initial goals. I am just a small portion of their hassles, mainly because I am completely indifferent to what they do, nor have their methods ever been anything but laughable. However, newer DJs, performers, and Venue Owners are arriving in SL, and running into this punk crew. Overall, no matter what this punkcrew wants to do, my simple suggestion is whenever you hear from someone in SL that "someone said this and that" or "someone did this and that" .. just go ask the people involved directly. Why would a DJ/Production crew rather spend their time trying to slander or incriminate other real performer/production crews?
As the picture shows above, if anyone feels that packing a sim during my performances is a bad thing, then please let me know in advance so I can make sure not to get booked for your show.
At the start of my Monogram Virtua booking (which happened to be the start of the whole weekend, so things were just getting started), I was hired to be a DJ for 2 hours.
However because I am a good community member, I WANT to HELP by packing the convention center, instead of leaving it vacant. As I started my show, there was NO ONE present, NO ONE in charge, NO hosts, NO managers, NO vendors, and basically NO ONE that should have been there running the event. There was only me, the DJ, and no one there... and I was hired to start performing at 12pm.
a) I could have DJed from 12pm-2pm and then left.
b) I could take on the host/emcee/promoter/DJ role to make the event work even though I was the ONLY person around to make the event work.
Let me ask you, do you want someone to work FOR you and FOR your company REPRESENTING YOUR PROJECT out of kindness? Or do you just want an unprofessional jackass that just abandons shows, cuts off their live stream, and burns bridges just because the previous plans turned out differently?
It's all about professionalism and reputation in SL, and that is displayed directy from the avatar,... not from word of mouth, faked chatlogs, especially coming from someone you do not trust in the first place.
Feel free to comment about your own experiences or current dramas & distractions while you progress on your productions. Please REFRAIN from naming names. It's probably best if in the comments no one is specifically calling people out. Instead, use the space to describe what YOU are dealing with. This post isn't about supporting me. It is about supporting us all, everyone. I think if we can hear some common experiences, and even arguments, at least that is progress. We can then take the next step and figure out how to transform these various issues and greivances into more cohesive unit in the Second Life DJ and Club community.


BigBubbs said...

Well said DD, I have had this experiance myself last christmas, when i took on the Big Bubbs Xmas Roadshow. I was booked for 20 gigs throughout December, on at least 50% of the bookings, i was the first person at the venue on the booked time. But that shouldnt stop you working. my advice is to get a active group behind you, make sure its up to date and don't spam it with crap. If your group know that you carry out a professional show, they are more likly to turn up for a event, when you send a notice.

Keep telling it as it is DD :)

MaryJoanne said...

I just want to mention little ol me supports ya 200% and me guessing to every good person is a bad one excisting (shame but thats the way the world turns). Lets keep those rotten apples rot and keep up the good work.

Ricky Davis said...

I have experienced this on a few occasions. I have been hired to DJ and the owner of the club never showed up. DJ'ed several openings where I was the promoter, host, DJ all in one. Yes, the desire to leave does come up when they have not promoted in properly but we all put in our professional dues and time. I recently had in incident where my pc's video card and i was so distraught about missing a gig that I went and rented a pc. Sometimes just sometimes its not about the personal drama its about the music.

Trancer said...

Agreed DD. There'll be always drama going on in SL. Even if you have proof or try to proof something, you'll get slapped in the face double-time. It's always the same. If you try to do something right, help others or warn others, you can calculate what will happen. Only a matter of cause/possibility. I'm going through it myself at the moment, experiencing stuff as written above. When it will and and if it ever will, I really don't know. I wish it would. I'm not angel myself, but at least (if proof is there) you can warn people if it's in their best interest.
Keep Up The Good Work DD ! *thumbs up*