Thursday, November 20, 2008

MalBurns Writer - The Ponce De Leon of Second Life

Explorer Ponce De Leon, among his countless expeditions, was most famous for his exploration for the fountain of youth. I'm not sure if he found it or not, because I think he's dead by now so I guess either the fountain didn't work, or he was at the wrong fountain. Plus, I live in Florda, and I havn't seen any "Fountain of Youth" billboards on the highway.

My askew anology here is that Mal Burns is the awesome Ponce De Leon of Virtual Worlds and Technolgy. In fact, Mal is better than Ponce, because unlike Ponce, Mal actually finds stuff.
Mal Burns (Malburns Writer in SL) is the explorer on a daily expedition to bring life, knowledge, and the overall happenings of all things related to us to the masses.

Soon, I will devote a whole feed section to his exploration find. In the meantime, here's some I picked out, courtesy of Mal Burns

It’s an SL Buskers Life?
By Allanah Tomsen

The Wishfarmers - Kelly Services Jobbit

Follow-up: 20% Tax Rate on Virtual Currency Brokering in China?
By Juho Hamari

Virtual Worlds: necessary or just making things easier?

Collapsing Geography
Posted by cory ondrejka
Having used every tool around during distributed development for Second Life, I am jazzed to finally see people moving in the direction of EtherPad. Real-time, collaborative text editing on the web done really well. Plus, from quick mucking around, it seems to work in the SL browser.So, collaborative text editing in Second Life. Very big deal.

Thank you Mal Burns for the finds.

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