Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dedric Mauriac and the Blue Hair Podcasts circa 2007

Dedric Mauriac is living in the virtual culture. Beyond creating and selling gadgets, scripts, and other useful goods, he also has had the Blue Hair Podcast Show. I selected two I wanted to bring out from 2007 and feature:
Marketing in Second Life
Published: 2007-12-16 14:12:20

Broadcasted Live in SL on the Woodbridge sim . Follow along with the Power Point Presentation Slides . I talk about Machinima as one possible avenue of advertising in SL. One participant mentions draxtror depress SL journalist in youtube for Life 4-U TV . I talk about having a website for support, news and a product catalog and give my own wiki as an example. I covered many keyword suggestion tools such as Overture , Google Adwords , Keyword Discovery Tool , and a thesaurus . Blogs such as one by Prokofy Neva give you the ability to network on the web. Prokofy mentioned one of my snapshots on sl buzz that I took the day before news of Cory Linden resigning for Linden Lab . I continue on about social networking with comments on SL Universe and Facebook . You can see a list of different networks that I am using by looking at my On-X-I-Am profile . I play a few tunes on this discussion starting out with my blue hair jingle created for me by Geoff Smith . I play Mine Alone by REC ( Website ) and Motherless Child - MoShang No Place Like Home Mix - Asian Variations 2007 by Lovespirals ( Website ) who provide podsafe music on the podshow network.
Blue Hair #15 - Tracking Visitors
Published: 2007-12-29 22:56:34

Talks about different visitor counters that can be found within virtual world of Second Life. A comparison at the end between counters offered by Linden Lab, Maya Realities, Metaverse Business, SL Buzz, MetaXpand, Rabbit Glen Software, SLsensor.com, Mechanized Life, and Second Labs. Power Point slides have been published on Google Docs as Blue Hair Podcast 15 - Tracking Visitors.
What has changed this year from the beginning of last year, if anything?

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