Friday, January 9, 2009

The DJs & CLUB HUB - Connecting DJs with Events and Clubs with DJs

The DJs & CLUB HUB - ( brought to you by -Ravelong™ )

This connection and promotion center (formerly named 'Ravelong Biospaces,') is designed to connect DJs with events and clubs with DJs. By being very effective, the DJs and Clubs Hub has been a complete success in Second Life for over 2 years.

-DJs: Promote yourself as a DJ. You will receive inquiries, job offers, gig opportunities, and visits to your information and website. Make sure to include the style of DJ you are, style of music you play, general availability times, and references to professionalize your talents. Make sure to include ALL your info, pics, LMs, and giveaway mersh into the notecard you place in your DJ Biospace

-Clubs: Promote your club, it's services, it's events. EMPLOYMENT: list DJ and Club job openings. You will receive more traffic and patronage. DJs will also respond to your gig options and DJ jobs. Make sure to include the LM to your club, current/upcoming events, and times open. Please also include any job openings. The more specific you are the better.

-Booking Agents & Talent Agencies: On the left side are the Club Biospaces or "talent buyers" wall. Add your booking or talent agency info to receive inquiries from DJs looking to connect. Meanwhile, on the right side are the DJ Biospaces or "talent" wall. Add your DJs to this wall to get them extra bookings.

Doubledown Note: As a bonus, this is where I send any and all inquiries. I generally get 4 to 8 daily requests asking for good djs, good clubs or employment. The DJs & Clubs Hub is where I bring anyone asking me. I show them the DJs and Clubs walls, and make several recommendations.

Ravelong™ does ongoing promotions and classified ads creating even more traffic & exposure for you.

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