Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Philip Linden interview on SLCN.TV's - Metanomics

As mentioned before, Philip Linden came in to SL this week to speak to the nation.

Metanomics - hosted by Robert Bloomfield ( Beyers Sellers inSL®) on SLCN.TV every Monday at Noon SLT had a special guest for our season opener show this week. Philip Linden graciously agreed to an interview.

Linden Lab® Founder and Chairman of the Board Philip Rosedale engages in a broad-ranging discussion on the hopes that virtual worlds can fulfill in these anxious times. He shares his views on how Second Life’s economy is faring in the wake of real-world crises and OpenSpace pricing changes, why enterprises are flocking to Second Life®, and why Second Life residents both hope for and fear change.

Watch the video to see the new amazing work RDV Animations is doing. We bring avatars in conversation scenarios (for live broadcasts,machinima,keynote speakers,etc) to LIFE using our cutting edge 'puppeting ' technology - allowing the orchestration & control of real time movement & interactions in single or multi person set ups. A sample of our work can be seen in this podcast interview video of Greg Hawkes ( The Cars )

Contact JenzZa Misfit in world or at with inquiries.

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