Saturday, January 10, 2009

METALIFE's People.Places.Things Party - Saturday January 10th, 2009 3pm-5pm (slt)

Saturday January 10th, 2009 3pm-5pm (slt)
METALIFE's People.Places.Things Party

@ Pattern Nine - The Pyramid Club

Pattern 09's Pyramid Club & MetaLife will be doing a special event featuring DJ Doubledown Tandino to showcase the new metaKIOSK and metaHUD breakthrough technology meant to stimulate business & social networking on the grid. Please join us as we dance away the afternoon with a "Best in Famous & Celebrity Avatars" & a $2,000L prize. Trivia for thousands too hosted by Doubledown.

If the economic situation has given you the blues, find out how you can shake up sales as a creator, boost visits your ventures, and get paid via metaLife's affiliate partner program.... all in one.

The Metalife METATOOLS, taking SL by storm,
are FREE for EVERYONE who arrives
Make your METALife easier!
Meet the CREATORS and receive LIVE Demonstrations!

Included will be the
And More

An Ignitive Media Event
Credits & Collaborators:
Metalife :: Pauly Richez & Robbie Kiama
Ignitive Media :: Eris Alexandre
Ravelong SL :: Doubledown Tandino
Pattern 09 :: Guy Winkler & Keen Marksman

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