Thursday, January 22, 2009

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Rodherik Kultus, the Second Life avatar, is a freelance DJ, music lover, and smart arse, living in London UK. Having piloted a short career as a Radio DJ and various other related work including most recently working towards producing, currently he is enjoying spinning the best of Electro, House and D&B... with a few other morsels tossed in for good measure.

He also enjoys touring around the club scene in Second Life and plans to use his blog as a guide to some of the best clubs on the grid, as well as introduce some of the best DJs that he has had the pleasure of hearing and working along side.
Articles: The RL DJ vs. the SL DJ:
Interesting Article/Review that goes into a current perseption in the SL DJ club world:


Trance DJ said...

I have read both articles. These are really nice. Keep it up.

Entertainment Blog said...

Nice. They got good music.