Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Poll of the Day - Unsolicited Teleport Offers


Rodherik said...

I used to be one of those annoying TP requests senders,I confess!
Those times I had a club to run and was left with all the work to myself.
As a SL DJ now i use another way to invite people to my gigs and it seems a more efective, polite and elegant way to say; "move your arse over here, please" (always PLEASE, cause I try to be as gentle to people as they deserve).
Is in fact much better to call a friends conference with the SLURL and whoever wants to come wil do so.
I also use the appropriate groups to advertise.
I think the unsolicited TP request a thing so 2008 anyway!

DJ Rodherik Kultus

isle said...

The only thing more annoying than a friend sending an unsolicited TP request is when you click it off (because you are busy dammit) and they keep sending and sending. I can handle it from close friends, but I still just X them out most times, unless the person IM's me and gives me a reason that they sent it. (of course, in close relationships, it can be an unspoken thing, sending the person a TP as soon as they get inworld)

Okin said...

I see TP's as a personal invitation and i like to be invited so i like them :) I am a DJ so i do send out a TP to every friend at least 1 time a day.

However I do think there is a big difference between doing an effort to invite (TP) somebody, mention what is going on and where and the 'join me in some sim'... I like to know where i'm ending up so I never follow the 'join me in ...' TP's unless the person IM'ed me about it.
I don't like to be TP'ed 10 times for the same thing either... that's just spamming.

Being spammed by notices all the time is much more annoying IMO (it causes the IMs getting capped every time), so those are almost all disabled in groups on my SL ;)

Ppl who vote for the 2 last options don't disserve any friends because you don't want to see them nor support them...
Or should we start IM'ing our 100 friends and then start TP'ing those who are interested? When will i have the time to prepare and mix in the next track? Or maybe i should invite nobody and mix for the prims.

Harrie said...

Im a TP sender and proud of it!

Everyone on my friends list was warned in advance that i send TP's so send a friends request in the knowledge that its acceptance comes with tP's.
I always say what the TP is for and only send it once per person. I do though make a point of not sending them to musicicans but there have been times when i have accidentally sent them to a musician in the middle of a show, but it has always been taken in the spirit intended. In fact the last time i mistakenly sent one to a musican they took it and told their own audience to come on over too (it was the top of the hour they were just finishing their own set, lol).
I dont get why people have such a big problem with them, just hit the cancel button, its not like the world is gonna end just because someone sent you a tp!
I find that Friends conferences tend to get ignored as so many group IM's happen for every event that they just pile up and are missed.
When i think of all the great events in SL that i would have missed out on if it werent for unsolicited TP's, its a lot and im happy to get them and i'll keep on sending them :)