Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Enigmatic Artworks Presents "Origins" - Opening Night January 28th, 2009 - 6pm (slt)

You are cordially invited to a unique SL experience at the Enigmatic Artworks. Seventeen resident artists would like you to see their jaw dropping exhibition of 279 pieces of original artwork, photography, sculptures, drawings, and paintings.

The show opens 6pm (slt) January 28th 2009 and will run until further notice thanks to generous support from our sponsors.

Opening night, however, is the time to be there. No Enigmatic Exhibition would be complete with out getting dressed up and getting funky to the infamous musical style of DJ Doubledown Tandino, our resident tonal artist. Have a chance to meet your favorite artists and ask them about their work.


Moreno Giano, Diago Naidoo, Squishypaint Aabye, Nickos Brandenburg, Summer Seale, Traelyn Denimore, Gwen Carillon, Cheen Pitney, Ub Yifu, Static Shultz, AtomicSparkle Skytower, Sahoni Tigerpaw, Sound Thor, Fingers Scintilla, Keokipele Ansar, Korgi Lerwick, and Whisker Ophelia


Infamous Designs
Vintage Dawn Builders
Mimi's Choice

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Sahoni Tigerpaw said...

What a fantastic opening night! Thank you Doubledown for the great music :)