Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Linden Lab Goes Shopping, Buys Virtual Goods Marketplaces to Integrate Web Shopping - XStreet SL and OnRez to Join Linden Lab

Linden Lab®, creator of the virtual world Second Life®, today announced a key milestone in its expansion of the Second Life platform: acquiring two Web-based marketplaces for virtual goods, Xstreet SL and OnRez. These acquisitions join several other recent strategic initiatives, including enhancements to the experience for new users, which will enable Linden Lab to reach a broader global audience for Second Life in 2009. Linden Lab is consolidating the two marketplaces on the Xstreet SL platform, offering one online shopping experience for customers and merchants. This will make it easier for Second Life Residents to find virtual goods to purchase and will provide merchants broader channels to sell their products.

Xstreet SL and OnRez to Join Linden Lab! Today we are very happy to share some exciting news with you: Linden Lab has acquired Xstreet SL and OnRez - the two leading Web-based marketplaces for buying and selling creations for Second Life. Over the past few months we’ve been working with the folks at Virtuatrade and the Electric Sheep Company to hammer out the details, and today is the first day that we’ve been able to talk openly about this next step in our evolution.
The Next Chapter for Xstreet SL and OnRez: Read the full story HERE.

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Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

I have, and will always continue to use Metalife to buy and sell anything. I never got into xlstreet (slexchange) or onrez. It takes the entire experience out of being in Second Life.

Here's why I use Metalife over the product buy/sell sites:

a) The commissions are set up in Metalife so whoever makes the sale gets 10% commission. No matter what, the people making sales make a profit.. not Linden Lab. SL residents are the ones that benefit from sales through Metalife.

b) Anyone can search and buy items, anytime, instantly, through the metahud or metakiosk without going to a website. Why goto a website and use a clunky search?

c) ANYONE can sell your items you've created FOR YOU.

d) Metalife is NOT Linden Lab owned.

So, that's my recommendation. You can pick up the free metatools kit here:
Or by clicking a metakiosk or metavoter you see anywhere inworld.

Check out their site: