Monday, March 9, 2009

Burning Life 08 Video Climbing YouTube Charts

[MARCH 9, 2009] FOR BURNING LIFE '08, we asked the ever-busy Dizzy Banjo to head up our documentation efforts. The Documentation Team tries to capture "on film" as many major art installations and theme camps as possible during the week of the event. "You cannot see it all" is the mantra we live by at Burning Life (and it's Real Life counterpart Burning Man), so documentation is pretty vital to our institutional memory.

Dizzy's just-released machinima titled "A Journey Through Burning Life 2008" is now climbing the popularity charts in the UK, ranking number 12 today in "Top Rated UK" and number 15 in "Top Favorited UK". We're talking 5 stars. We think that's pretty cool. The show clocks in at 10 minutes and shows a great overview of all the stuff we tried to see— but missed!

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Boudicca Amat said...

I built at the '07 BL - what a great feeling to be part of something so creative.
The '08 looks like it topped that! So the '09 should be amazing!!