Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Music Matters Magazine - Issue 3

Music Matters Magazine Issue 3

An in world publication focused on the Live Music scene in Second Life. Interest entertainment and resource. You are a musician new to SL? Be sure to checkout the Open Mic directory!

Check out the issue here: http://mattersofmusic.com/musicmatters.html

About Matters of Music

The purpose of Matters of Music is to provide a central hub of communication for musicians, music groups, land, venue and open source grid owners. As the open source grids begin to come to fruition, new opportunities can be realized by all parties, these are more quickly and fully realized, by strong communications across the board. So Matters Of Music was born. We welcome you to bring to this site, news of your conducive ventures and complimentary interests, so that your virtual contributions may be represented.

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