Thursday, March 12, 2009

Important Virtual World Articles - March 2009

I wanted to bring attention to several important links relating to the current times and virtual worlds. I am not a journalist, so I don't go into details, but below is important virtual world news. Be sure to look for other SL journalists and bloggers to follow these stories more in depth.

Business Insider | CEO: We're 'Absolutely' Going To Sue Second Life And World Of Warcraft (ATVI)

Eric Krangel|Mar. 11, 2009

Kotaku | Targets World of Warcraft, Second Life For Patent Suit

By Michael McWhertor, 5:20 PM on Wed Mar 11 2009

Andy Chalk posted on 11 Mar 2009

AvatarPlanet | History of Virtual Worlds Timeline (Under construction)

Clever Zebra | 5 Open Source Virtual Worlds Set to Duke it Out in 2009

Tampa bay Examiner | The Hugh Hefner of the digital millennium
Erik Gordon Bainbridge |
Second Life Examiner

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