Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Get your music on the top of the IndieSpectrum playlist

From Fox Reinsch of IndieSpectrum Radio

IndieSpectrum Radio is the top SL radio station according to the Shoutcast listings for last month. Over 21,000 tune ins and in the top half of all the radio stations on those web listings. The web page, with your links, had over 99,000 hits last month!

We would like to help those artists that help us to support and promote live music in SL. Do any of the following and get bumped to the top of our playlist.

**Give out our free radios at your shows (boxed with 9 radios, iPods, antique, audio rack and surround receiver; with now playing signs or not).

**Get your favorite live music venue or any SL sim or business to play our stream and you will get bumped and that business will get free 30 second spots on the station, if you arrange it with announcements of your gigs.

**Send us music! Any new song gets all your songs bumped to the top.

**Do bumpers, voice recordings, intros or outros to your songs. You can do a generic one or one for each song. Just say "This is (your name) and your are about to hear my song (song name) on IndieSpectrum Radio" or do a just heard, whatever you like around 10 seconds.

**Have ISR simulcast your live shows. We need your stream URL and dates and times. Don't have this automated yet so someone has to be around. All tips that come in from the ISR radios that come in during a simulcasted show will go to you, unless you would like to split them.

BTW ISR is all SL artists now, I have taken off all the music and links to artists that did not have SL names. If you're missing from the playlist let me know what your SL name is!! http://www.indiespectrum.com/playlistA.html

Thanks for all the great music!

Fox Reinsch
IndieSpectrum Radio.

****Music makes Second Life a better place****

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