Thursday, March 19, 2009

The KAAOS Effect - The Game within Second Life - Created and Produced by MadPea and Orange - Official Public Opening - Friday March 20th, 2009

The Kaaos Effect at Orange Island (SLURL link).
Officially open to the public on Friday March 20th.

The Kaaos Effect is an original game sponsored by Orange, as part of an ongoing effort to encourage and sustain innovative content creation on the Second Life platform, via its Orange Island Community.

The Game

An unusual building has landed on Orange Island. Are you curious enough to discover what has happened and where it came from? Using various communications devices scattered across time, the player will embark on a remarkable journey, an adventure that takes Second Life gaming steps further. Be careful when touching those buttons though... you never know when you might end up...

The Kaaos Effect is intended to be a unique, individual experience. It is different for each player.
There are hidden clues and bonus items in the game. To make sure that you have found everything there is to find, check out your progress at You may also want to look at a few initial guidelines to help you get the most of the Kaaos experience.

Please note: The story is fictional and you can teleport out at any moment if the game gets too exciting...

About MadPea & Orange Island

MadPea Productions is a games development company based in the virtual world of Second Life. Makers of acclaimed puzzle games 'Within', 'Firefly', 'The Zodiac Killer' and more... MadPea are an international team of talented content creators, who aim at taking games in Second Life to a new level. Find out more about MadPea's vision in our interview with their lead game designer Kiana Writer.

The France Telecom Group is one of the world’s largest and most successful integrated communications companies. The Group offers enhanced mobile, fixed line, television and internet services to customers through the Orange brand.

At the heart of the Orange brand lies the belief that together we can do more. By contributing to peoples’ lives, by helping them to build stronger communities, sharing their experiences and make more meaningful connections. Through the Orange Island project, we hope to not only learn more about virtual communities but also collaborate and innovate with them, as we are doing with our content partner MadPea Productions.

For more information about Orange and France Telecom please visit

The Kaaos Effect / Credits

Orange Team
Fab Outlander - Producer
Sarn Aska - Executive Producer
Special thanks to extralab (Yesterday Demain / Nick Rhodes / Natty Foggarty)
Orange Island Website
Teleport to Orange Island (SLURL)

MadPea Crew
Kiana Writer - storyline, game design
Waghorne Truss - graphics, building, audio/video
Smiley Dyrssen - scripting, HUD design
Aria Dragonash - building & scripting
SweetDevil Magic - scripting
Rocksea Renegade - video, graphics
MadPea website
Teleport to MadPea Headquarters (SLURL)

Should you require additional information or request interviews with the MadPea crew, please IM ( Imno Loon) or email on *Many thanks :)

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