Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First Annual Resident Choice Awards

Second Life Residents’ Choice Awards

As the creators of the vast and varied world of Second Life, the Residents are the final authority on what is the coolest, cleverest, weirdest, fun-est, and most inspiring. We know it. You know it. And here's your chance to show it. Recommend exceptional people, places, and things inworld. Reward innovation, interactivity, heart and style. Your World. Your Imagination. Your Award.

How does it work?

All active Residents of Second Life are welcome to participate. Voting is easy, and no purchase is necessary. Just click the Vote Now button to cast your ballot on all 35 fantabulous questions during the voting period (March 31 through April 7, 2009).

Make sure when you vote to provide a SLurl or avatar name for each award question. That’s how we can check to be sure we know exactly who or what you’re voting for. Want to learn how to locate a SLurl? Check out the SLurl builder. Want to learn more about what a SLurl is and how they work? Check out our SLurl information page.

When you vote you’ll need to provide your Second Life account name (that’s your avatar name, silly) so we can be sure you have an active account. You’ll also be asked to select your language from the options of English, German, French and Japanese. That will allow us to share the winners for each language community.

Second Life Residents’ Choice Award Winners will be posted here on April 17th, 2009 and will be represented inworld too! Your favorite things to do and see in Second Life will help newbie’s and long-time Residents alike explore the world available to them.

What Are We Voting On?

You’ll be voting on a little bit of everything! The questions are asking about 35 of your favorite places, things and people in Second Life.

Only one ballot per Resident will count in the results, and there’s no going back and changing your votes or resubmitting your ballot after you vote once. So allow yourself some time to look over the questions below and think about how you’d like to vote. And have fun

  1. My favorite place to groove on Live Music

  2. My favorite place to Buy Stuff inworld

  3. My favorite place to Dance my prim toes off

  4. My favorite place to RP or Play Games with friends

  5. My favorite fabulous Fashion Designer

  6. My favorite house-rockin’ DJ

  7. My favorite massively talented Musician

  8. My favorite visionary Machinimist

  9. My favorite awesome Architect/Builder

  10. My favorite wizard-like Scripter

  11. My favorite cuddly Linden Bear Museum

  12. Best place to buy a Virtual Pet

  13. My favorite place to take you Back in Time

  14. My favorite place for Intellectual Conversation

  15. Best place to Learn Another Language

  16. My favorite culturally consequential Museum/Art Gallery

  17. My favorite brainy Science Experiment/Exhibit

  18. My favorite source for Second Life News

  19. My favorite finger-on-the-pulse Resident Blogger

  20. My favorite unforgettable Memorial

  21. My favorite place to take a First Date

  22. My favorite place to bring Business Colleagues

  23. My favorite place to Chill With My Friends

  24. My favorite place to get down and Get Furry

  25. My favorite place to get your AO on and Be Tiny

  26. My favorite place to Victorianize and get Steam Punky

  27. My favorite place to be all helpful and Help Newbies

  28. My favorite place to plan for the Robot Rebellion

  29. My favorite romantic place to have your First Avatar Kiss

  30. My favorite depressing place to Be Emo

  31. My favorite trashed landscape in which to enjoy the Post Apocalypse

  32. My favorite place to put the hammer down and Drive

  33. My favorite creepy place to Be Goth

  34. My favorite meshtastic Sculpty Artist

  35. My favorite nom-nom-y Prim Food Artist

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