Monday, March 30, 2009

Promotions, Promotional Events, Music, Audio, and The Music Biz in Second Life - Three Articles

Three interesting articles popped out today and were brought to my attention by Mal Burns
I find these posts very important. Bookmark the articles; they may come in handy for you some day.

Everything written in each article is worth the read, however, if I were to add my personal note for the reader, I would say that generally, articles about "how to run a successful event" or "how to run a successful promotion" explain the basics of how to technically and logistically create a basic event. For me, what is most effective about an event I create is the creativity, the guts, and the people involved. Finding ways to NOT fit the mold is what I feel works best in Second Life.


Overview of Music and Audio in Second Life
"Second Life is a great place for people who enjoy listening to or creating music. People who like to listen to music will find a wide range of styles and unique venues to explore. Musicians can share their work with a global audience by performing live concerts in Second Life. It's also a unique opportunity for artists to directly connect with fans around the world, taking requests and communicating with them in a live environment. Just like playing a gig in Real Life, but without the hassle of carrying your gear around and traveling!

The art and science of promotional events
Written by Rika Watanabe on Through the Broken Looking Glass

"...Repeat after me: Promotional events exist to promote sales and increase exposure. They don’t exist to promote hate and increase lag, which is what you’re doing! How exactly promotional events and most importantly, promotional giveaways promote sales?..."



Promotions and the music business in Second Life
Written by Thinkerer Melville of

"Music is a business? It is to people who want to make a living at it. An important part of that business is promotion. I have been developing some ideas about how musicians can promote their acts in Second Life. When I get the ideas well developed, I will put them into the Hobo Starter Kit, but I think I have enough useful material to share some of it here.
Musical acts in SL might want to promote to these four target markets:
  • Venues and event managers (get a gig)
  • Inworld audience (fill the house)
  • Out-there audience (Sell your music for now. Future: sell your performances.)
  • Advertisers/ Sponsors (Get paid for ad placements and commercials)..."


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