Friday, March 6, 2009

The New York Times | Filthy Fluno: Portrait of an Artist as an Avatar

Portrait of an Artist as an Avatar
How a struggling Boston painter finally found success through his alter ego -- a hip, virtual-world art-scene maker.

CERTAINLY, FILTHY FLUNO is not the first artist to realize that in order to sell his paintings, he needs to sell himself. He does, however, work at it with impressive zeal. Every day he makes new friends and cultivates new contacts, edging himself and his work — a collection of expressionistic oil paintings and vibrant, graffiti-laced pastels — just a little bit farther into a universe that to others might appear huge and indifferent, but as Filthy sees it is stuffed with possibility and also potential customers. To this end, you will often find him wandering around art openings and dance parties, dressed in a spiffy suit and pair of sneakers, trying earnestly to chat up every person in the room.

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