Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cybergrrl Oh: Living a 2nd Life Episode 21 with Doubledown Tandino now Posted on

Cybergrrl Oh: Living a 2nd Life Episode 21 – Doubledown Tandino

Video of the Taping, brought to you by Metaworld

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Rezzed.TV is a network dedicated to bringing audio and video related broadcasts (commonly known as podcasts or netcasts) to the world. We have a variety of shows currently available ranging from daily virtual world news to weekly discussions on the future of virtual worlds.

Cybergrrl Oh's podcast in Second Life records live with a studio audience every Thursday 11am SLT

  • Cybergrrl Oh is the virtual alter ego of Web pioneer Aliza Sherman.
  • Sherman, who has been providing strategic Internet consulting since 1992, is co-owner of Conversify, a social media marketing consultancy.
  • The Cybergrrl Oh podcast covers issues about virtual worlds and Second Life that affect both personal and professional communications and interactions.
  • Cybergrrl Oh's podcast is recorded live in front of a studio audience in Second Life.

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