Saturday, November 14, 2009

Security Checks To Prevent Virtual World Event Disruption

10 Must-Do Security Checks To Prevent Virtual World Event Disruption
by JoelFoner of

Virtual world event management is, in the large, similar to real life event management. You’ve got to make sure that guests and performers are lined up, that marketing and advertising is effective, and if it is a broadcast event, that the technical and support staff logistics have been completed. Security, however, requires some special handling in order to avoid enabling disruptive people to create chaos at your event. This post focuses on some specifics for Second Life™ security management, however the principles are similar for other virtual world platforms.

Event Disruption Categories
  • Purposeful region crashes (exploiting a bug to cause the region to crash “on demand”)
  • Littering (leaving objects in inconvenient places, placing them out during an event, or moving them around in the way of the event)
  • Pollution (planting a particle generator that creates a spray of smoke, fog or distasteful imagery)
  • Disruptive chat or voice participation
Must-Do Security Checks


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