Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Google Wave Invites. Want an Invite? I have Plenty.

Google Wave (still in preview) has been giving me tons of invitations to send out. I have heard from others that they don't receive their own Wave invites to send out, however I have plenty.

If you would like to check out Google Wave, I simply need to send you an invite (or if you have a friend you've been wanting to invite we can do that too.).

Here's the easiest way for me to send you an invite.  On the top of this blog is Google Friend Connect.  Add yourself to that with the email address you would like to use for Google Wave.  By doing that, I can send an invite out easily and automatically.

Looking forward to seeing you on Google Wave
- Doubledown Tandino (

UPDATE 1 (revised): I send out the Wave invites individually, but Google sends the invites out in batches, so you may receive your invite immediately, or in several days.

UPDATE 2 (revised): Currently I used all my google invites, but they send me a fresh batch every several days.  I have the list of people that have asked for a google wave invite. As soon as google hands me more invitations, I will send those out to the people who have requested. In the meantime, visit:

UPDATE 3: STILL need a Google Wave invite? Check Out:
Lifehacker Invitation Donation Thread

PS: Whether you like it or not, Google Wave (and formats like it) will be the new form of Email. Yes, I know, it's tough to imagine... but... this Wave format, yup, it is going to replace email... so ya better get used to it now before you get sucked in by the undertow.


Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

Wow, an overwhelming response. I'm glad that everyone wants to get into Google Wave. And I want ya in there too.

If you don't receive the invite, post into comments here your email address. I WILL NOT PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT or EMAIL ADDRESS.

Brad Reason / Doubledown Tandino said...

I've sent out a good 40 invites or so. Some have received their invite, some have not. This has been an ongoing problem. We've noticed having a gmail address works better.

If you've still not received your google wave invite, drop a secondary email into comments, and I'll send an invite right out to you.

hanum said...

I've got the invitation of Google Wave on November 25. Yay.. finally :D