Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The SLOODLE Game Show - Run/Host your Own Game Show in Second Life

The SLOODLE Game Show is an opensource game that gets connected to your MOODLE website using the SLOODLE platform. Once connected, you can be a game show host, and your students - contestants. Includes a Rezzer, Auto-Color-coding Game Chairs, Audience Landmarks, Game Buzzer, Game Timer, and a Scoreboard. Students sit on game chairs, which automatically connect with MOODLE, detect the group the student is in, and then move the student to the audience where the rest of their team members are sitting. You click on the chairs to "bring the students up to the front" and the students chair will zoom alien-vehicle style to their group's booth. You can then ask a question - and students click the buzzer to indicate that they'd like to answer. You can then get the students to answer and award the ones who answer correctly. The team's scores will then be updated on the Scoreboard, and on your Moodle Website.

Hi great educators!

I have recently released an opensource gameshow for Second Life, where YOU, yes YOU can be a virtual game show host for your students, in your Distance education classes. The Game Show is GPL 3.0 - which means it's totally free! What's more, is it connects to your MOODLE Learning Management Website, and feeds directly into the Gradebook.
Here is a video detailing how it works -

Let me know what you think!

Also, I am proposing a new tool for educators in Second Life, but I need some grant funding to create it - check out - SMART Chairs here:

If you are interested in the smart chairs, I'd love your input - please see the discussion on the SLOODLE forums here:

Additionally, if you need help setting up Second Life to work with your MOODLE website, please contact

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Marie-Therese Le Roux said...

Brilliant idea! We need to hurry up and get these facilities in more classrooms.

To grossly quote a certain 90s grunge icon, "here we are now, entertain us"... can we do that for learners?