Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pooky Media's The Dating Casino (Ep 27) - Slim and Doubledown, a match made in SLeven

The Dating Casino 27 - 8 Nov 09
Slim Warrior and Doubledown Tandino hit it off!

The Dating Casino 27 from Pooky Media on Vimeo.

The wonderful host of the Dating Casino is Lovey Foxtrot, and the contestants appearing on Episode 27 were: Slim Warrior, EvaMoon Ember, Lailu Loon , Doubledown Tandino, MalBurns Writer, and Baer Rasmuson.

Pooky Media's "The Dating Casino"

Let the hearts fall where they may
Love is a gamble
It's time to play
The Dating Casino!
Your odds for romance just improved

Your host Lovey Foxtrot brings an hour of frothy fun with romantic situations. Contestants reveal what matters most and the audience gets to guess who will win the Game of Love! A brand new original game played live. Contestants match each others answers for points on the matrix board of love. Win, Place and SHOW!

When: 3pm SL Time (Pacific Time) on Sundays
Filmed live each week at The StudioDome in Second Life

Camera Work 
The Dating Casino is filmed by Geo Meek who is available for capturing other live events.

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