Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Not Possible in Real Life (NPIRL): no longer blogging

So long, farewell...
by Bettina Tizzy

Back when this blog began, 750 posts ago, there were few blogs that did write-ups and reviews of great content and installations in Second Life. This has changed dramatically, especially over the past year. Today, a number of academic journals are gearing up to focus on virtual content, and they will be the appropriate venues for most of the topics we've been covering lately.

I like to think Not Possible IRL has raised awareness of quality content, not just in Second Life but in other virtual worlds where User Generated Content is possible. We've certainly showcased a lot of extraordinary talent and work.

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A blog moves on....NPIRL
by Soror Nishi

There are a few blogs that I read regularly, I started when my own ideas about blogging began to mature beyond a very brief diary of my entry into the world of Second Life.
As my poor ramblings developed I looked to NPIRL blog as really the pinnacle of blogging, well informed, researched, thoughtful.

That it has become a time-consuming beast of a project is no surprise to me, I know from my time with Koinup and here that life is not long enough. That sort of quality, which it was a joy to read, does not come without the research. So it's a shame, but Bettina has become a victim of her own talent in one way, and we all have to make decisions about how we want to spend our time.

I personally think that Bettina has made the right decision, NPIRL as a group will grow, nurtured by her insight and commitment and we will have to look elsewhere for quality coverage of SL arts and crafts. Nothing springs to mind at the moment.

I'm sure that as change happens and we shed old skins to grow new we meet Anxiety, but with increasing experience we learn that new life grows on what has been composted in the past..:)) sounds like Gardener's Question Time....hehehehe....

Bettina is great, we all love her and look forward to her new ventures.... ... "What Bettina Did Next..."

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